Progress and Stability

Advancing Knowledge takes pure honesty But keeping the Order of the old masters Required deep lies. The conflict Inherent between … More

Other Writers of History

Cavalry Charging in after battle They came too late Nobody was left to see Them blame the dead Innocent Victims … More

Built on borrowed power

All power in the world flows from the sun, Except only that which was stored within Certain matter forged in … More

The Expense

It is well known that in order For a given desired outcome To be possible, the arrow Of time must … More

The Traveler’s Chimes

It has been widely observed That certain effects always Accompany the “landing” Of time travelers, like sounds, Lights, and shakings … More

The Artist

When does a robot end and when Do they begin? There is one, so To speak, which began as a … More


The line of John Henry units Is selling like hot cakes to our Corporate customers. Of course, They want all … More

Rock Them Sock Them

Battles between these two Forces, if they can be called That, are brief and deadly. The fighters and weapons Are … More