Troubled Times

Troubled Times Goodman Roberts Worthy Homesteader Toiling Long Taming Wilderness Tilling Soil Raising Animals Interlopers Arrived Requesting Succor They Received … More

Nemesis Imagined

Nemesis Imagined For centuries that wretched ghoul In loathsome chambers ever dark Planned revelries so darkly cruel That heavens light … More

A keeper

A keeper A good keeper Tends the garden To make fertile The soil reserved When weeds invade And pests attack … More

A Nature Late Revealed

¬†A Nature Late Revealed The mongoose stood at the the ready Eyes darting to take in the tableau As craven … More

Atypically Political

Atypically Political No Trump or no Hilary No ideal candidate sought No Paragon of int’lect No Exemplar of morals No … More

Left Unturned

Left Unturned Too high at deadly mountain altitudes Too low in unfathomed ocean trenches Too heavy and burdensome to lever … More

Mate in three moves

In misty morning Gloom The second and he Trudged out to meet the doom That had been arranged A duel … More


Less novel with each Mile Wonders to stop and Observe become rare while Fatigue and thirst grow And demand wit … More