Troubled Times

Troubled Times

Goodman Roberts
Worthy Homesteader
Toiling Long
Taming Wilderness
Tilling Soil
Raising Animals
Interlopers Arrived
Requesting Succor
They Received
Observing Plenty
They Envied
Slew Everyone
Later Claiming
Goodman Roberts
Shuffled Off
After Selling

Troubled Times
Riding In
Baleful Days
Coming Again

Tilly Preston
Trusted Caregiver
Single mom
Herding Scalawags
Working Too
Nursing Pensioners
Unknowingly Exposed
Virulent Disease
Hot Fever
Muscular Weakness
Bed Ridden
Drug Resistant
Weeping Pustules
Spreading Microbes
Bringing Plague
Killing Slowly

Troubled Times
Riding In
Baleful Days
Coming Again

Many Drivers
Early Commuting
Decent Folks
Working Everyday
Flowing On
Busy Thoroughfares
Tragically Crossing
Compromised Causeway
Steel Breaking
Fracturing Concrete
Bridge Failing
Cars Cascading
Hundreds Plunging
Icy Darkness
Lowest Bid
Cheapest Design

Troubled Times
Riding In
Baleful Days
Coming Again

(all names are of fictional characters)
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Copyright © 2017 Jonathan Hart


Nemesis Imagined

Nemesis Imagined

For centuries that wretched ghoul
In loathsome chambers ever dark
Planned revelries so darkly cruel
That heavens light can’t clean the mark

Now finally with hateful glee
The hidden monster ventures out
Its perfectly formed vessel free
To dance the world down chaos’ route

The artifice of ages past
And secrets found with malign care
Will amplify the warlock’s beat
So each new step spawns dread nightmare

So gracefully with maelstrom spin
The revenant wraith shatters skies
A hurricane of wrathful sin
Waltzing in time with victims cries

The violent strike was blindly fought
By those left ignorant by time
Of recompense the demon sought
Or vengeance for some ancient crime

Some orators came pleading peace
At their peril to meet their foe
But torrential fires wouldn’t cease
And ravaging bolts wouldn’t slow

The destruction was complete there
Within the restless fertile mind
Where unlikely fears sometimes tear
Off their skins to be wolfen kind

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Copyright © 2016 Jonathan Hart


A keeper

A keeper

A good keeper
Tends the garden
To make fertile
The soil reserved

When weeds invade
And pests attack
They are repelled
By hands steadfast

Those plants chosen
Will be pampered
And will flourish
In the garden

Yet they also
Must be wary
Lest they encroach
On their neighbors

For the keepers
Hands will uproot
Those that excel
Past their limits

For the keeper
Keeps plants restrained
In their richness
And their safety

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Copyright © 2016 Jonathan Hart

A Nature Late Revealed

 A Nature Late Revealed

The mongoose stood at the the ready
Eyes darting to take in the tableau
As craven beasts closed on their victim
Not joining the fray from fear perhaps
Or maybe too green or too timid

But braver seemed the lone one fighting
And certain the beasts would not slaughter
Their victim with ease but would return
Home bloodied and scarred from their steadfast
Foe’s defense if at all they returned

The attacks were beat back by retorts
So deadly their fight seemed fool’s gambit
The monsters turned their tails in retreat
But raging still their foe drove forward
And murdered the rats for the attempt

The victor was proud of the carnage
Strewn about its long form and displayed
It’s patterned hood threat at the mongoose
Who chattered once and charged to assault
The serpent with a bite more fatal

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Copyright © 2016 Jonathan Hart


Atypically Political

Atypically Political

No Trump or no Hilary
No ideal candidate sought
No Paragon of int’lect
No Exemplar of morals
No Scholar of humanity
No Defender of justice
No yes-worthy candidates
No leaders except those that
Know to push No’s at those with
No reason to support them


Left Unturned

Left Unturned

Too high at deadly mountain altitudes
Too low in unfathomed ocean trenches
Too heavy and burdensome to lever
Too weighted by layers of soil above
Too wedged between two great granite boulders
Too well mortared and reinforced with steel
Too compacted per the proctor standard
Too respected a grave memorial
Too heated in the geyser’s bluish pool
Too buried under antarctic polar ice
Too distant out in the icy OORT cloud
Too abstract in their oil painted landscapes
Too hardcoded in the graphics engine
Too deep in caves too small for spelunking
Too hot with radioactivity
Too chemically reactive to touch
Too yet unformed, still magma deep below
Too far in the past, long since worn to dust

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Copyright © 2016 Jonathan Hart


Mate in three moves

In misty morning
The second and he
Trudged out to meet the doom
That had been arranged
A duel to fill one tomb
And decide the right

He crossed swords with his
Per the honor code
Then struck by sweeping low
The rogue hopped back as
He continued his flow
With a forward thrust

The strike pierced to the
Deflected by ribs
His foe let loose a moan
As he flicked back and
Stabbed where buttons are sewn
Over softer flesh

Copyright © 2016 Jonathan Hart
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Less novel with each
Wonders to stop and
Observe become rare while
Fatigue and thirst grow
And demand wit and guile
To journey onward

The uncivilized
Hinders the trek but
With resolve to prevail
Each hindrance becomes
New chapters of the tale
In the journey’s log

The end is always
Too distant yet to
Show up on the radar
But arrival with
Travails inscribed in scar
Is as sure as death

Copyright © 2016 Jonathan Hart
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Even These Words Could Be Taken And Used To Support Corruption

Is not brave nor
Laudable despite
What ends are won
It is the basest
Sign of bright mind

When they are found
Can be left to take
Nature’s well trod
Path to corruption
Or be pulled out

For the chosen
May save a few but
Who will keep the
Light bright and shining
On the truest

All ivory
Tower builders have
Had failures and
Allowed corruption
Into their ranks

Grown ivory
Towers can learn and
Fight infections
But risk becoming
The malady

Core values may
Provide a tower
With a backbone
But corruption
Can cling to bones as
Well as the pure

Rejection from
Corrupted towers
Becomes a way
To select the good
And the moral

Copyright © 2016 Jonathan Hart
#songwrds #writing #poetry

Note on the title:  These words could easily be used to support corruption, all one would need to do is falsely associate a non-corrupt organization with one of the corrupted types in the song, then use that as a cornerstone to recruit bodies for less than moral activities that would be “justified” by the false association with one of the examples in the poem.  The non-corrupt organization could then be driven towards corruption as the original liar grew in strength and standing with each recruit.  Which brings me to the reason why I would copyright a poem with this type of subject matter.  It is because I know that there are many forms of corruption, and there are as many wearing suits as there are in tie dye shirts or hipster beards.  Of course, since I added this explanation, lest it be interpreted as a challenge, I should note that I have not licensed the use of this work to any party, nor have I any intention to without several security measures such as notarization of the agreement, and my own public publishing on this page of a pgp signed acknowledgement of the agreement using the key associated with the following public key.