The Shjinrende

THE SHJINRENDE Written by Jonathan Hart Copyright 2015 Foreword Two decades and change has passed since the death and destruction … More

The Tree Problem

THE TREE PROBLEM by Jonathan Hart Copyright 2015 Chapter 1 Tree Alliance “Do I want to stay and witness what … More

The Pirate Tree

THE PIRATE TREE by Jonathan Hart Copyright 2015 Chapter 1 Aftermath “As I create more and more complex machine/living things … More

The First Tree

THE FIRST TREE by Jonathan Hart 2014 Chapter 1 Meeting “The key to atomic fabrication lies in moving large amounts … More

Troubled Times

Troubled Times Goodman Roberts Worthy Homesteader Toiling Long Taming Wilderness Tilling Soil Raising Animals Interlopers Arrived Requesting Succor They Received … More

Nemesis Imagined

Nemesis Imagined For centuries that wretched ghoul In loathsome chambers ever dark Planned revelries so darkly cruel That heavens light … More

A Nature Late Revealed

 A Nature Late Revealed The mongoose stood at the the ready Eyes darting to take in the tableau As craven … More