The golden face of Tyranny gleams in Faith’s light. His face is a cover plate, partially concealing the shifting golden … More


(A turn for the worse. The events herein occur in the same world as and are subsequent to Upheaval. These … More

Dread and Sorrow

(Heed the title, this is no tale of mirth. This story belongs to same world as Upheaval. and these events … More


A blast of force and fire woke us. Likely from Wryan who’d had the second watch that night for our … More

The Shjinrende

THE SHJINRENDE Written by Jonathan Hart Copyright 2015 Foreword Two decades and change has passed since the death and destruction … More

The Tree Problem

THE TREE PROBLEM by Jonathan Hart Copyright 2015 Chapter 1 Tree Alliance “Do I want to stay and witness what … More

The Pirate Tree

THE PIRATE TREE by Jonathan Hart Copyright 2015 Chapter 1 Aftermath “As I create more and more complex machine/living things … More