Books And Stories

Becoming the Monster

A bit of post-apocalyptic horror.


Basilisk D4

The start of a horror/adventure story.


The Fate of the Investigator

A bit of horror in space.



This action-packed survival story serves as an introduction to a new world.



The First Tree (Harken’s World Book 1)

In this book, a missing person’s case turns into an amazing discovery. An impending disaster leads to a road trip adventure to save the world. Meanwhile an inventor’s past mistake is under constant watch in a quiet town.

The Pirate Tree (Harken’s World Book 2)

In this book, the Harkens and Beowulf open the doors of their sanctuary to the world. They discover new friends and powerful enemies. A powerful ghost from the past comes to visit with questionable motives.

The Tree Problem (Harken’s World Book 3)

In this book, a new U.S. president is elected and battle lines are drawn. The two trees must try to win allies even as they brace for the bleak possibility of open war. A dark and mysterious force with the worst of intentions is revealed.

The Shjinrende (The Shjinrende Chronicles Book 1)

Many years after the events which took place following his brother’s disappearance, Robert Harken’s son is swept up into a world of hidden intrigue and cutting edge technology where he tries to bring his vision, an AI named Shjinrende, to life.


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