Stalker Warning

As is my custom, I’m reissuing my standing notice that if someone contacts you pretending to be me or if you in any way receive information about me that you feel is private or false information and should not have been provided to you, please inform me with the details immediately at

The crime of stalking includes when someone reaches out to people in your life and slanders you or otherwise attempts to cause you harm. You can presume that if you don’t feel like I’m a great guy after hearing something about me then this is precisely what has happened. There is no one working on my behalf that is giving out my personal information, especially timely (present day) information, I don’t really leak any personal information, and I take all reasonable precautions to insure it all remains private.

If you feel like you don’t want to tell me, you may be a victim yourself, not necessarily of stalking, but of RICO. RICO means Racketeer influenced or corrupt organizations, which is the historic U.S. legal term for organized crime. This could be the case if these people are in any way making you feel like it would be dangerous to not give them everything that they want. In that case, tell the cops. Protect yourself.

These people aren’t trying to protect you. They are trying to gain power and influence for themselves or otherwise are just trying to get you to reward them for “protection” that you don’t need. You know, like protection money, like gangsters.

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