Cheese Cracker

Cheese crackers. People picture different things when you mention cheese crackers. Could be a salted cracker with a slice of cheese on it. It could be a cheese flavored cracker. There’s even something newer, where they take parmesan and form it into a cracker shape and then blast it with cracker rays until the actual cheese turns into a cracker. There’s one thing, though, that you’re not picturing when you hear the phrase, “cheese cracker.” What you’re not picturing right now, what you’re not seeing in your mind is a brick of cheddar. A 2lb pound cheddar brick, with a large fuse stuck in it. You’re not imagining what happens when that fuse is lit. You’re not watching with excitement as the fire creeps up the fuse cord and disappears into the cheddar. You’re not waiting in hushed anticipation for something to happen…

You’re probably thinking of a cracker with some of that cheese spread on it, right? Or wait, let’s go back… Two crackers, each with their own smear of cheese spread that you take and sandwich together. That’s a banging cheese cracker.

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