The Vortal Android App is my art. It is a tool for capturing the light and bringing out its beauty. It is not an engine for generating beauty. Its user is. The filters play with the light and color, enhancing, concealing, or transforming, but they lay in slumber unless put to good use.

The tool is simple, just select a filter, crank up the resolution, point, and click. The app does the work from there and produces the image, just as it did for all of the images posted on this page. But like any tool, a more skilled user can take better advantage. The user can learn the filter’s quirks and use them to maximize the visual impact of the scene the camera sees. And so, the user is enabled to be a photographic artist.

This app can be like your paintbrush, your hammer and chisel, your make up. And it is cheaper than any of those.

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