Day 16 in The Western Quarantine Zone

Toilet paper remains scarce. I haven’t seen any on the shelves in stores since the stay at home order was announced. This was a bit mysterious, after all, spaghetti reappeared on the shelves recently.

At first I thought, there is no change in the number of people so there should be no change in tp use. But then it occured to me that there is a plausible habit change which could have changed tp resource use from one type to another.

People out working long shifts end up using some tp at work, and others may simply have sought out public restrooms as a thrifty tactic. Now, all those people are stuck at home using their own tp, which is a different type from the giant rolls often used in public or work restrooms. So we have a potentially large shift in the type of toilet paper being utilized. This, combined with a hoarding mentality would explain the present scarcity.

A solution: Order industrial sized toilet paper for home use, to rebalance the demand/production.

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