Day 3 in the Western Quarantine Zone

Awareness and precaution, are advised at these times. Conflict, hoarding, and bullying are ill-advised and may be more dangerous than the virus. This brief disruption will pass, but memories of fights and crimes will live on.

Stay peaceful out there. If you have to attack anything, let it be your own fear or anger. Engage the authorities to assist with disputes, and defend yourself. But don’t go on the offensive in these of all times. Channel your antsy-ness towards production or learning. Take some free online courses. Take some time to teach your children some things they don’t get in school. Take some time to lay out plans for further ahead then usual. Do good.

One thing to learn about is the effects of staying predominantly at home when you used to be going out a lot more. This change in behavior can affect how much pollen or pet dander you get exposed to, and your body will adapt to the new situation. This can mean nasal and sinus symptoms, sneezing, runny nose, and it’s important to be able to recognize that that’s not Covid. Sneezing is likely if you spend almost a full week indoors, and then go out and get exposed to a sudden influx of pollen, or if you spend much more time then usual cooped up with a beloved pet. But, even if sneezing isn’t Covid, it can still spread the disease if not properly covered. The current guidance is to sneeze or cough into the crook of your arm, on the inside of the elbow, to block dispersion of your fluids.

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