Day 2 in the Western Quarantine Zone

Doing some mask research for work, I found a Chinese N95 mask supplier called Fullcare. They advertise a production capacity of 120000pcs/day, and export 90% of their product. They are also located in Hubei province near Wuhan, reknowned first site of major coronavirus infections. They advertise a price of $0.12-0.35/mask currently on For some reason, I don’t find myself attracted to the deal, just as well, as I’ve heard that there are export limitations by China being placed on masks leaving China.

I was reading up on the “black death” plague a while ago, comparing it with coronavirus to get an idea of what we’d be looking at. I determined that coronavirus is, while deadly, not currently anywhere approaching an apocalypse class disease. Coronavirus has easy transmission, there is no cure, and there is a long incubation period, but mortality rates are low for otherwise healthy people. The “black death” on the other hand, while curable with modern methods, was incurable at the time, killed lots of healthy people, and actually quite nastily co-opted fleas for transmission. Apparently, the fleas that fed on infected blood would get a clot in their gut preventing them from getting effective nourishment, making them ravenously hungry and much more bitey, which means that the “black death” actively encouraged its own transmission. That’s approaching an apocalyptic disease. At least, it was in its time and place. We’ve got fleas under control these days, and to some extent bacteria, though they get increasingly resistant. Coronavirus, on the other hand, is a dangerous disease, but for most, things things will get back to normal, especially with proper precautions.

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