Day 1 in the Western Quarantine Zone

Following the governor’s order, and the ever-increasing warnings, grocery stores shelves are being picked clean for certain items like bottled water, toilet paper, and non-perishable food stuffs. Likely, this is a transient effect that will normalize as restrictions stay constant or relax as they should.

As far as the effectiveness of the order, I wonder if it is premature for my area, in Sacramento. If the quarantine is enacted too early and then lifted, the peak infection will be offset to a later date rather than smoothed out over time. Of course, the quarantine is not 100% effective, and people working in essential sectors will still be exposed, as will be people utilizing those services, so there is some possibility of a smoothing effect.

Meanwhile, I’m loving tensorflow 2. It is a dream to use compared with the old tensorflow object detection api. Tensorflow, keras, and the special processor architectures that they take advantage of open the door for whole new approaches to problem solving, which will make problems that could once only be tackled by dedicated mathematicians accessible to competent engineers (as long as they’ve access to the processing power).

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