Simplifying my 24VDC ESC, VFD, Inverter

I’ve been working on simplifying my 24VDC inverter design using the MIC4605-1YM in place of my individual component gate drivers, and I’m revising the layout with more layers, a switch and pot, smaller PCB area, and aligned and grouped SMD components for pick and place.

Anyway, while perusing the data sheet for the MIC4605 again, I discovered that the MIC4605-1YM’s shoot through protection isn’t quite the same as what I think the L6498 has.  The shoot-through protection built into the MIC4605-1YM adds a long (relatively) 240ns delay when it is activated.  This means that the protection can’t be relied upon to permit one to drive the high and low inputs intentionally with “wrong” but more efficient signals.  As a result, I’ve had to add in a couple of fast quad logic gates to implement what is effectively an instantaneous shoot-through protection logic ahead of the inputs of the MIC4605-1YM.  This is a little disappointing and it eliminates the cost and size benefits of the 4605 over the L6498, if the L6498 operates with delay-less shoot through protection logic.  The caveat to this is that the L6498 datasheet doesn’t explicitly state that the overshoot protection is delay-less, and I’ll have to test it to confirm that they have the functionality I expect.

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