ST L6498LD 500V Gate driver

This half-bridge high and low transistor gate driver solution can be used for higher DC voltage power buses, up to 500V, and is faster for transistors with higher input capacitance.  The only drawbacks when compared to the Micrel MIC4605 or MIC4604 are that the Micrel chips are available in smaller packages then the L6498 is available in because the L6498 can pass more power to the transistor gates, and the Micrel chips are presently cheaper.

For now, the L6498 is my choice for general half bridge circuits switching voltages in excess of 80V.  This chip does not have a single PWM input, having instead separate high and low inputs, but this is actually a feature as the chip has built in shoot through protection, and the voltage control switching can be applied to the high side while the current direction can be applied to the low side.


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