Carbon Nanotube Fiber Poof Devices.

Carbon nanotube fibers can now be fabricated to be very light and very strong, and given their carbon structure (essentially a rolled up graphene) they are also conductive.

I posit the following: Take a bundle of gathered light nanotube fiber threads and charge it up to a high voltage, and the threads will all repel each other, forming a poof of conductive threads at high voltage. These will discharge into the first ground path they come into contact with. Now consider pulsing the high voltage as one would a tazer and you have a device that can deliver high voltage pulses within a much larger effective volume.

Consider much larger and longer bundles, deployed by rapidly unrolling them (similar to how police deploy spike strips), allowing the near instantaneous formation of huge poofs of electric uncomfortableness.

Suppose you wish to disable electronic devices such as a computer, and the only fast access is through ventilation slots. Just feed a thread bundle in, and charge it up, and voilá, sensitive electronics get zapped.

Now, set aside all of those weaponized versions, and consider a bundle of nanotube threads with an insulation coating. Now, you have safe(ish) threads that can be manipulated via electrostatic forces. Poofed up, or attracted to grounded objects, or repelled from charged objects; all permitting a plethora of useful applications.

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