Dear my kind of people:

We have been attacked by strangers in ways which have no reasonable explanation from our own actions, as many people have. Naturally, we interpret these attacks to be acts of psychosis or intentional evil, and we treat the perpetrators according to their actions.

We may consider that these attacks could be a result of twisted versions of our history, some kind of slander, but we cannot, in a stranger, tell if they are attacking because they have been manipulated by slander or because they are insane, or are otherwise motivated for evil.

My friends, we treat people with kindness and respect by default. That applies to everyone we meet. Any conflicts which arise between us and other people are entirely a result of unprovoked attacks from them against us or others, but aggressors will never know that if they approach the problem of finding the truth by attacking us. What’s more, it is our preference to avoid conflict, so we do not seek out these sorts of conflicts nor try to exacerbate or prolong them.

We just can’t help people that demonstrate themselves to be evil to us, and it doesn’t make sense for us to have to explain that part of it. There is no logical reason for us to have to say this, or for people to not treat other people as if they all also believe this same thing. It’s basic humaning, and it’s also the golden rule if you’re into that sort of thing.

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