Circuit Board Supply Issues

The failed UPS delivery is still causing me problems. I’m so ready to get started on this. I’ve got my parts and my design, all I need is the circuit boards to make a decent looking product. I even ordered extra of the darn things, more than I will ever need of this version of the boards, but apparently, taking precautions is useless when your package disappears.

So as not to just be a whiner, the solution to this is pretty simple. The package recipient is given a code to give to the delivery person on receipt of the package. This acts in place of a signature. The only potential flaw to this is that the company must then prevent drivers from ever having access to the people in the company who have access to the receipt codes.

A more secure system is somewhat more complicated. The receiver is sent an SMS on delivery with a code, and must supply it to the delivery person, then the delivery person enters that code into a scanner and a new code is generated which is given to the package receiver. The package receiver must then text the new code back in response to the original SMS. Then the package is considered delivered. This system could only be cracked by the driver somehow getting a hold of the customer’s unlocked cell phone.

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