What is CapJuice?

CapJuice is all about enabling advanced robotic or other battery powered systems to do more with less batteries and with longer lasting batteries.

Ultracapacitor technology has been around for some time, but incorporating these somewhat delicate devices into power systems requires a high level of understanding of their capabilities, and many engineers decide to just use more batteries. The problem with solving all power supply issues with more batteries is that some power use profiles are murder on batteries. Anytime intermittent high current draws are required for a system, traditional battery systems would require lots of extra battery capacity and the high current draws may still accelerate the battery cell aging, preventing recharge to full capacity over time.

The solution for this type of load profile is ultracaps. Specifically, what is needed is a power system which charges the ultracapacitors over time at a modest current, and then permits high current discharge when the power is needed. This system should also be protected from overcurrent and overvoltage, and be adjustable to the overall system’s voltage level. This is what CapJuice will provide.

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