While looking for a rental property on craigslist, someone sent me this “evidence.”

Let’s go over a few problems that jump out right away.

First, there’s the name and address, which have clearly been cut and paste into the document.

Then there is the buyer signature, which is another cut and paste job.

Next we have the fact that this is a “Certificate of Ownership” rather than a Sacramento deed or title, and it was made “In accordance with Act 216 of the law of property” which google search reveals to be an Australian law.

The certificate is labeled with the mispelled and poorly typed, “United State of America)” instead of Sacramento or California.

The seal just says “official seal” rather than saying which governmental body or licensed individual is actually sealing the document.

I should note that the use of Robert Carroll’s name is probably illicit as well, and the real Robert Carroll, if there is one, probably had nothing to do with this.

In summary, I won’t be sending any money to the individual that sent me this.

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