Unpaid Bills

Old Bill tells his friends, “Hey, I bet you $1000 I can convince that guy over there to move that pile of small rocks from there to over there.”

“Why would I want that?”

“Sounds unnessecary.”

“That’s just a waste of time.” They respond.

Old Bill goes over to the guy anyway and says, “What’ll it take to get you to move that pile of small rocks from here to over there?”

“About $10 dollars per stone.” The guy responds.

At this Old Bill gets nervous and tries to get a quick count of the pile of stones. He sees there are fewer than 50 stones.“

“Alright, its a deal.”

The guy picks up a stone, announces “10” and moves it to the new pile, then picks up another, announces “20” and so on until he gets to “470” with the final stone. “That’ll be $470 dollars.”

“Alright, well I bet those guys over there $1000 that I could get you to move those rocks, let me collect from them and I’ll give you your cut.”

“Hold on,” the guy says, “I don’t care about any bet, you owe me 470 dollars.”

“Right, right.” Old Bill says and heads back to the group. “I told you I’d get him to do it. What’d we bet? $1000? Who’s going to pay up?”

“Oh, none of us ever took your bet. We only hung out here because we thought it’d be funny to watch you try. Its been pretty boring so far though.”

“What do you mean you didn’t take the bet?” Old Bill squealed, “I said I’d pay that guy $10 per rock moved, how am I supposed to make good?”

“Oh, now its funny again.”

“Haha, yep.”

“You’re in it now, buddy. Looks like he’s coming over, com’on guys lets leave these two to work it out.” The groups moves off, laughing.

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