CipherClock in hardware

It occured to me that the stream cipher nature of CipherClock, makes it quite easy to incorporate directly into an 18 pin integrated circuit for real time encryption/decryption of 8-bit data. The key would just have to be loaded by a serial interface or built in during fabrication (with each key getting a series of chips built for it), or loaded and then made permanent during quality testing of the completed chip before shipping to customers.

Or indeed, for hardware security within a computer system, a CipherClock module can be built into the processor and every other device on the bus (with 1 CipherClock module per 8 bits of bus.) to make all inter-device communications secure.

The main issue with these ideas is that CipherClock isn’t currently designed to operate on all 256 possible 8 bit inputs, but I could easily modify it to do so.

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