Cooperative Conceptualization In Three Parts

“Hey! Got any plans tonight?”
“Just taking you to the store to pick up some gatorade and bananas before heading back to your place.”
“Just bananas? No mangos? No strawberries? No chocolate? No cream?”
“Sure. All the things. But you can count on this: Whatever we get, it’s just gonna be bananas.”
“That’s bananas.”


“So, about those bananas…”
“The bananas are Off The Table.”
“Awwwww. Why?”
“I moved them to the bedroom.”
“Let’s go get bananas.”
“Let’s go get bananas In Bed.”


“That was bananas.”
“You’re bananas.”
“You’re making me bananas.”
“I love bananas.”
“I love you.”

Copyright 2017 Jonathan Wayne Hart

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