Assaults On Reason: False Incompetence

A common belief among subjectivists is that it is wrong for anyone to speak the actual truth about them. This belief arises in them in response to the fear they feel that their denials of reality will be exposed and they will be brought down to where they feel they should be. They believe that anything that makes them afraid must be a wrong, even though their fear would not exist if they had not denied reality in the first place. This is unreasonable. If a man murders a random man, he should not be permitted to murder the random man’s family and friends out of fear of retaliation for the original murder.

Because of this unreasonable belief arising from self created fear, subjectivists develop and employ many tools by which they can attack people that they cannot convince to join them in denying reality. One such tool is False Incompetence, and it is employed to ruin the credibility of the target. To understand the operation of the False Incompetence attack, one must look at the social dependencies that motivate the subjectivist. In order for a subjectivist to exist as such, they depend on key people to join them in their denial of reality. It is paramount for the subjectivist that these key people should continue to be willing to deny reality with them, and therefore, if the subjectivist has not enslaved their key people by some physical means, the subjectivist will endeavor to prevent these key people from getting any cause to stop denying reality for them. Therefore, if someone should provide a cause for others to stop denying reality for the subjectivist, the subjectivist will decide that this person must be discredited in the eyes of the key people, so that the cause is negated. One of the tools for this is False Incompetence. The subjectivist will go to the target that refuses to fake reality, and will try to turn their honesty against them. The subjectivist will allow or force the target to witness the subjectivist doing something incompetently for which the subjectivist is otherwise known to be an expert. The subjectivist then counts on the target telling the truth about the incident of incompetence to others, and then the subjectivist strikes back by demonstrating their clear competence in the matter and thus discrediting the target in the eyes of their key people.

The key weakness of the attack is that the subjectivist relies upon the target telling other people about the incident of False Incompetence that they witnessed. In order to combat the attack, the target must be independently minded enough to not have to tell other people everything that they see. If the target does have to recount the incident, in pursuit of there own values or in accordance with their principles, then they must do so without any accompanying unreasoned extrapolations or illogical conclusions.


Joey and Jane are coworkers. Joey, Jane, their boss, and many of their coworkers are alumni of Exampleton University. Joey, their boss, and many of their coworkers are not very talented, but they expouse the greatness of Exampleton U alumni and frequently talk about how necessary it is that they all look out for each other. One of the things about Exampleton U that they like to talk about is the univerity’s progressive anti-rape culture program. While Joey and Jane are in private, Joey grabs hold of Jane and kissses her. Jane tears away and expresses her lack of interest in Joey. Joey starts to think that Jane might tell everyone about the incident, and that if his boss believes Jane, then his boss will think that Joey is pro-rape culture and thus would be someone that they don’t all have to look out for. So Joey starts to talk to his boss about how worried he is about Jane’s opinion of him, not mentioning the stolen kiss, but rather saying that Jane acts all cold and serious and doesn’t like him for no apparent reason. Joey insinuates to his boss, that Jane might just hate men and tells a story about another woman he knew that hated men and filed false complaints against men. Joey isn’t satisfied with his boss’s reaction to his story and decides that something more is required. Where only Jane is within earshot, Joey pretends to make a call to an important client of the company and pretends to get into a heated, profanity laden argument with the client. Jane, knowing that the company is dependent on the client, informs her boss about the call she overheard. Her boss calls in Joey, and Joey denies the whole thing and insists that the boss call the client and confirm immediately. The boss calls the client and confirms that there was no argument, and fires Jane for making a false complaint.

That is a harsh example, because it doesn’t turn out well for Jane, even though her actions were all perfectly reasonable. The reason that Jane could not repel the attack was because of the subjective nature of the company. Firstly, there was the tribalist policy for Exampleton University alumni and second there was the company’s dependence upon that one client. Those two fundamental denials of reality are what allowed Joey to succeed in his further faking of reality.

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