What makes a good employee? (Part 2)

2.  Leaders, managers, and supervisors when needed shall be selected by two criteria; their ability to do the work that they will manage, and their ability to issue the right orders to ensure that the work gets done in the alotted time.  To prevent any violations of rule number 1:  Any subordinate employees shall not be permitted to refuse an order, and no leader shall be permitted to give an order which would bring harm to any person or the company.

Leaders will never be expected to be proficient in such things as “winning people over,” political campaigning, “swaying opinions,” “attracting followers,” or any other such unproductive activity.  The leaders need to know what to do and how to distribute the work by orders to others, they do not need to be able to get people to do favors for them in violation of rule 1.

In regards to the prohibition on harm:  This is not a prohibition on out-competing a competitor.  Company leaders are encouraged to defeat outside competitors by out-producing and out-innovating them while staying in accordance with the highest legal and ethical standards.  Competitions within the company must also be carried out with the highest legal and ethical standards in addition to compliance with rule number 1.




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