Two steps to being a practical engineer

Practical engineering is the oldest and most concrete form of engineering, and it amounts to the construction of a tool to automate a task.  This is quite different and much easier to achieve than the modern concept of professional engineering which typically requires the accummulation of a relatively vast amount of practical knowledge and reasoning skills.  There are only two steps to being a practical engineer:


Step 1:  Identify a laborious task that can be automated to be faster, more consistent, cheaper, or in some way more desirable

Step 2:  Automate said task.

Step 3:  As I previously mentioned, there are only two steps.

Step 4:  Well, now you are just being beligerent.

Step 5:  At this point, I’m assuming that you are some type of broken computer program, so… Goto 10


And that’s all there is to it.


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