Nemesis Imagined

Nemesis Imagined

For centuries that wretched ghoul
In loathsome chambers ever dark
Planned revelries so darkly cruel
That heavens light can’t clean the mark

Now finally with hateful glee
The hidden monster ventures out
Its perfectly formed vessel free
To dance the world down chaos’ route

The artifice of ages past
And secrets found with malign care
Will amplify the warlock’s beat
So each new step spawns dread nightmare

So gracefully with maelstrom spin
The revenant wraith shatters skies
A hurricane of wrathful sin
Waltzing in time with victims cries

The violent strike was blindly fought
By those left ignorant by time
Of recompense the demon sought
Or vengeance for some ancient crime

Some orators came pleading peace
At their peril to meet their foe
But torrential fires wouldn’t cease
And ravaging bolts wouldn’t slow

The destruction was complete there
Within the restless fertile mind
Where unlikely fears sometimes tear
Off their skins to be wolfen kind

#writing #poetry #fiction
Copyright © 2016 Jonathan Hart


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