A Nature Late Revealed

 A Nature Late Revealed

The mongoose stood at the the ready
Eyes darting to take in the tableau
As craven beasts closed on their victim
Not joining the fray from fear perhaps
Or maybe too green or too timid

But braver seemed the lone one fighting
And certain the beasts would not slaughter
Their victim with ease but would return
Home bloodied and scarred from their steadfast
Foe’s defense if at all they returned

The attacks were beat back by retorts
So deadly their fight seemed fool’s gambit
The monsters turned their tails in retreat
But raging still their foe drove forward
And murdered the rats for the attempt

The victor was proud of the carnage
Strewn about its long form and displayed
It’s patterned hood threat at the mongoose
Who chattered once and charged to assault
The serpent with a bite more fatal

#writing #poetry
Copyright © 2016 Jonathan Hart


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