Ultimate Goals for Radioactivity Simulation Program

My Radioactivity simulation program has some interesting potential uses for the construction of hypothetical models and for safety calculations in the design of facilities which house radioactive materials.  I make no promises as to when these feats will be accomplished but if I’m able I would like to develop the program to do the following things in three usable stages:

Version 1: (suitable for estimating total energies of non-neutron sources)

  • Support for reading decay chain data off of input files (to facilitate the use of experimental data and to allow for easy updating of established data)
  • Output time average energies sorted by type
  • Output based on time ranges
  • Output of the atomic mass and element name of the nuclei which exist in the simulation at any given time
  • Simple spherical geometry calculations that can predict counts for an exposed point source with a defined area assuming no obstructions

Version 2: (suitable for predicting radiation exposures from non-neutron emitting sources)

  • User defined 3d objects containing radioactive nuclei
  • User defined 3d object obstructions
  • Calculates the energy flux through a user defined test area or absorption in a user defined test volume

Version 3: (suitable for the predictive design of working facilities and storage units for radioactive materials)

  • Calculates secondary radioactivity from neutron poisoning of user-defined volumes
  • Calculates photon generation in/on user-defined volumes
  • Calculates temperature and heat flows through user-defined volumes

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