Built on borrowed power

All power in the world flows from the sun,
Except only that which was stored within
Certain matter forged in ancient star’s hearts,
And that tidal power which stirs the seas.
Long ago some odd fat bubbles began
To resist and control that shining
Power. Life, they became, and conquered earth.
Much later life had become more complex,
And formed around it cellulose cell walls.
For a long time, no other life could break
Down and feed on those sturdy living walls.
These years the sun’s bright power stayed well stored
Within ever growing mounds of plantish
Matter. The mounds by time were buried deep,
The cellulose was slowly changed to coal
Black rocks and thick crude oils, buried and left
Unused by life until clever builders
Found it and brought it forth to warm their hearths
And light the dark. Solar power borrowered
From the past was but a small help to them
At first, but clever builders found new ways
To use the free ancient power, they drove
Great plows and pumped hidden rivers to feed
And slack the thirst of many more builders.
The clever builders even used the dark
Power to unearth and harness the ancient
Star heart power locked in atoms. All their
Monuments and edifices were built
On these borrowed ancient powers while still
They ate of foods grown from the warm shining
Sun light. The far sighted builders began
To ponder how they’d fare if all that saved
Up fuel were lost. They dreamed of disasters,
Wars, and floods all caused by building high on
Unsure grounds with brave or careless planning.
But builders build, and any trial they face
Can be survived if fought with wise prudence.
Golden ages may come or go, but life prevails.

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