The Traveler’s Chimes

It has been widely observed
That certain effects always
Accompany the “landing”
Of time travelers, like sounds,
Lights, and shakings of the earth.
Researchers have been trying
To unlock the mystery
Of these “Traveler’s chimes” as
They have come to be called. They’ve
Catalogued and observed tens
Of thousands of landings and
Compiled a massive data
Set. The challenge has been to
Find explanations for each
Effect, be it strange sounds or
Impact crators. Finally,
After years of tireless work,
They hypothesized that the
Widely varying effects
Were all the result of the
Same cause. This cause has been termed
“Sync error” and is described
As forces resulting from
Small errors in momentum
Due to formerly unknown
Higher order terms in the
Relativistic motion
Equations. This small error
Causes the traveler and
Its surrounding particles
To have a different speed
Then the ambient matter
At the landing site, causing
Impacts and collisions that
Produce the sounds, shaking and
Light sometimes observed during
Landings. The researchers are
Recommending that future
Travels be performed within
Protective shells to protect
Travelers until these high
Order terms are better known
And the errors reduced to
Safe levels for travelors.

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