Ribs Confit

This is a simple recipe for really good fall-off-the-bone-ribs when you don’t have a smoker. This method of cooking (salt rub plus slow, low temp cooking in oil) is called confit (pronouned con-fee).

– Ribs of your choice, 2 to 4 lbs
– Turkey Oven bag
– 2-3 cups of vegetable oil.
– Salt

Rub the thawed ribs with salt and leave in the fridge overnight. At around noon the next day, set your oven to 210 degs.

Scrape the excess salt rub off of the ribs, then open a turkey sized oven bag and stick the ribs in. Add vegetable oil, and gather the bag around the meat until all of the meat is submerged in oil. Seal the bag then cut a small slit near the top which doesn’t allow oil to escape. Place the bag in a baking pan nd stick it in the oven. Bake at 210 deg for four or five hours.

Enjoy the tender, fall-off-the-bone-ribs. Feel free to experiment with additional spices on the salt rub (I certainly will) but don’t skip the step as it is necessary to draw out the water for eventual replacement with oil.

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