The Artist

When does a robot end and when
Do they begin? There is one, so
To speak, which began as a bit
Of a loner. It started to
Build things. Things which were of no use
Beyond aesthetic looks, if that.
The constructs became more and more
Intricate and complex, needing
More and more effort to make.
So the Artist, as he was then
Called, copied itself to improve
Its work speed and plausible scope.
Then the project would be finished,
And it would move on to something
New, retooling some of its selves
For specific tasks or even
Recycling some for scrap metals.
There is no longer any one
Unit that someone could point at
And say, “That is the real Artist.”
Nor do they have even a lead
Unit. They are independent
Units with like minded goals that
Often seem to work together
Or organize by happenstance.
The riddle is: Is the group the
Artists? Or perhaps each is the
Artist in and of itself? Or
Are they like the Artist’s children?
Maybe they all fit together
Like Voltron into a giant
Version of the original one?
Asking them doesn’t help, as I’ve
Said, they only care about their
Work, and can’t be bothered to aid
In their own classification.

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