The line of John Henry units
Is selling like hot cakes to our
Corporate customers. Of course,
They want all of the inherent
Benefits including perfect
Memory which can be user
Programmed to be selective and
Twenty-four hour work days without
Compensation, except for the
Electricity they need to run.
The personal robot is a
Much harder sell, however, as
Individuals don’t need that
Much power at their fingertips.
Also, affordability is
An issue as customers are
Losing their jobs to our Henrys.
Then again, that is what they said at
First about PC’s, that there would
Be no user interest as
The product is useful and cost
Effective only if the end
User has a lot of complex
Calculations to do. But the
Marketers of PC’s used things
Like games to make them fun and then
Co-opted music, TV, phone,
And movies to make the PC
An essential device, in its
Final forms the smart phone and
Tablet. To sell robots to the
Individual we have to
Give them something on that level,
With more. But we can’t just copy,
Exactly, because no one will
Want their new robot cell phone to
Go out and buy them groceries,
Because they won’t be able to
Stream TV while the unit is
Gone. What then? We sell a super
Smart Phone, that also acts as a
Sort of a remote control for
The robot. It’ll be required and
Proprietary such that no one
Can operate the robot if
They don’t have one. This corners
The cell phone market for us. Then all
We need is some commercials with
Some of the robots dancing to
The music that a user is
Playing from their “control” and we’ll
Be set to take over the world.
What about the price? Financing,
Of course, just like early PC’s.

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