Rock Them Sock Them

Battles between these two
Forces, if they can be called
That, are brief and deadly.
The fighters and weapons
Are of such destructive
Force, that the attacker
Always wins. Thus the war
Strategy must be to
Maintain constant motion,
An endless stealthy hunt.
When a target is found,
the victor strikes, but this
attracts more attention.
After being caught out
In the open, killing
Is the second leading
Cause of death in this war.
The first thing both destroyed
Was any enemy
Infrastructure that was
Immobile. We would have
Expected this to bring
an end to the fighting.
Instead, they found a way
To embrace mobility.
Rapid deployed miners,
Fast and quiet, on the
Go resource processing,
Constant fabrication
Of new soldiers and new
Support machines. Their new
Tech puts even our dreams
Of what’s possible to
Shame, but all they use it
for, is to continue
their never ending war.


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