A Cold Dark View Into The Future

The Broken walked the
Cold steel-gray streets ‘neath
a cold steel-gray sky.
He sought the Tinker,
The only option.
Normal repairs were
Forbidden to him,
As he’d been newly
reclassified as
“Non-essential, parts
To be repurposed
As required.” This forced
Him to seek out the
Tinkerer, the last
Resort, and sometimes,
The cause of death. He
would always ask a
Price, and sometimes that
Price was parts that weren’t
Spare, or services
Dangerous to the
Extreme. The Broken
Knew he had little
Of value and couldn’t
Hope to perform a
Useful service. This
visit could be his
Last. Down a somehow
Grayer alley the
Broken dragged his leg
To the Tinker’s door.
His knock was quickly
Answered, and the door
Opened to reveal
An evil grin on
A cold steel-gray face

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