A More Epic Past

In eons long since washed away
The old Gods walked and lived amongst men
Called fairies, aedra, wendigo
Giants, monsters, djinn and titans
They founded great nations and they
Ruled over far-reaching empires
‘Til men one day discovered their
Power within themselves and they
Decided to stop their kneeling.
Rising up, they called the lightning,
spread the flames, twisted the water
And the winds, and rumbled the earth.
They fought the Gods as only Gods
had ever fought and at last the
Gods knew fear. Many fell, and the
Earth was blasted and nearly torn
asunder. The Gods cried for peace
and gathered the greatest of men.
The men demanded that the Gods
Quit the earth, never to return.
The Gods agreed, and the Oath was
Sworn, a sacred covenant which
Granted the Gods their lives in trade
For mens’ freedom, and the God’s left.
But the men knew that the Gods were
Clever and long lived, and that the
Power they had discovered must
Be preserved to enforce the oath
lest they return to enslave men.
So they bound the power in their
Blood, to lie asleep until the
Day the Gods return to make men
Kneel again. “We shall not kneel!”
They cried. Words long since forgotten,
By men’s minds, but not by their blood.

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