Fairy Territory Warning Signs

Many times in life you’ll visit new places and find yourself feeling like nothing has been going your way.  Bad luck, circumstance, your own ignorance seem to band together for a perfect storm of bad news for you.  Now, it is well within the realm of possibility that all of this just happens on its own with no supernatural explanation.  But let’s assume for a moment that fairies are to blame.  If you happen to be encroaching on their territory, they may be giving you a hard time.  How would you know?  What are the warning signs?  Here are a few telltale signs:

– An ominous or other disheartening feeling that urges you to turn back.

– Natural seeming phenomenon discourage you from moving forward such as interference by lesser plants and animals and weather.

– Everything’s covered in fairy dust.  It’s like glitter, but even more clingy and annoying.

– Some sort of fairy appears and tells you that you are trespassing and should turn back.

– When you stop to smell the flowers, you pass out as though drugged and awaken as a “guest” of some sort of fairy.

– If you stop to camp for the night, you awaken to find your shoes repaired, and an odd looking repair bill scrawled on birch bark.

– A suspicious looking stranger attempts to sell you “magic beans” which appear to be actual beans, rather than pills as you expected.

– There are a lot of British children flying around on the power of positive thinking, being chased by pirates.

– There is a hot dog stand that seems out of place.  All of the food looks good, but the listed price for everything is “Your firstborn.”

– A woman in a pond is handing out swords.

If three or more of these things are true, there’s a chance you’ve stumbled into fairy territory.  Just remember that they take agreements very literally and seriously, you can probably hurt them with iron, and don’t eat at that hot dog stand.


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